400 Pounds of Luggage

Kelly, Jake and I are headed to Texas today. Jake’s good friend Courtney Islam is coming along with us. We’re aboard an American Airlines flight that’s bouncing through the air at 40,000 feet. In the belly of this beast, there are eight suitcases stuffed to their 50 lb limit with donated clothes – jeans and […]

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  “You know him?” “Germi? Of course, he is one of the best Cameroonian players ever” I had been scrolling on my Instagram when a photo of a former soccer player had popped up. It was only moments before that I met a young Cameroonian who had just been granted asylum in the United States. […]

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Yesterday and today we have been in the presence of true heroes. From early morning to well after dinner we saw volunteers work to meet the needs of the brave men, women and children trying to make a safer life for themselves in America. The volunteers we were privileged to help this week were all […]

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When I travel to one of the bridges to meet migrants who are waiting to pass through to seek asylum, I am taken aback by some of the sobering stories that I hear from people who have traveled so far. It is through hearing theses stories that I find am able to grasp the severity […]

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Day one in McAllen

Grant, John and I have just finished our first day volunteering in McAllen, Texas. It was inspiring, exhausting,  exhilarating, sobering, emotional and hopeful. We are so glad  and grateful to be here. We started at the McAllen Bus station where many migrants depart for the city where their asylum hearing will be.  These trips are […]

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Brendon Tucker (“Tucker”) lives in a studio that he shares with “grandpa,” a 75 y.o. formerly-homeless immigrant. Grandpa sleeps in the only bed in their tiny apartment. Tucker sleeps on the floor. Everyday they prepare and transport meals across the border. Together, they feed people living in encampments on the Mexico side of a bridge […]

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Beyond the Headlines

Not surprisingly, there are a lot of news cameras down here. I’ve got really mixed feelings about them. On the one hand, there are so many stories that need telling. On the other, the stories that make the news don’t reflect what’s happening on the ground. Case in point: the General Mattis visit was a […]

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