Some Final Thoughts

Now that I’ve been home from McAllen for a few days, I’ve been spending a little bit of time reflecting on the experience and thinking about how I would describe it to someone else: Volunteering at the border was one of the most physically challenging things I’ve ever done in my life.  Our team worked […]

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Belts and Shoes

We spent our last full day at the border back in McAllen.  Before heading over to the Respite Center, some teammates and I went to the local Walmart to buy as many shoes and pants as we could fit in our cart.  Later that morning I stopped by a local thrift store and bought all […]

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An Evening in Brownsville

During the afternoon of our third day at the border, our team took a took a trip to the city of Brownsville, TX. Brownsville is about an hour Southeast of McAllen and is adjacent to the city of Matamoros on the Mexico side of the Rio Grande river.  While we were there, we visited Good […]

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CCHRC Healthcare Counter

I spent the morning of day 3 working behind the healthcare counter at the Catholic Charities respite center.  I handed out some supplies to people who had just arrived after being released from ICE custody. These were things they may not have had access to in days (or maybe even weeks) like toothbrushes and shampoo.  […]

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Day 1 at the Border

Thanks to Woodson for giving me the opportunity to write some guest posts for this blog.  There’s a lot going on and my posts won’t be very long but here are a few observations from my first day of volunteering: My colleagues and I worked about 9 hours sorting mountains of donations, handing out clothes […]

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400 Pounds of Luggage

Kelly, Jake and I are headed to Texas today. Jake’s good friend Courtney Islam is coming along with us. We’re aboard an American Airlines flight that’s bouncing through the air at 40,000 feet. In the belly of this beast, there are eight suitcases stuffed to their 50 lb limit with donated clothes – jeans and […]

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